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  Keely Taylor Secretarial Services  

Your business needs administration – whether it’s book-keeping, telephone answering, letter-writing, invoicing and credit control, or diary and appointment management.

None of these things is difficult, but they all take time. And if you’re a sole trader or a small business owner, that’s time you could be using more productively – and more profitably.

Even so, you may not have the resources – or the space – to employ an assistant or a secretary. Which is precisely where KTSS can help.

KTSS is an independent small business that provides the support services your business needs as and when it need them – and keeps the costs to a minimum. Not to mention creating a far more professional image for your clients and contacts!


With KTSS you don’t get a temp, or an employee. You get a ‘virtual assistant’, working remotely via telephone, email and post. And doing just about everything that could be done in an office (including dictation!)
Look at the benefits:

Only pay for help when needed
No NI, pension, holiday or sick pay
No overheads (office space, equipment etc)
No training needed – and we’ll quickly get to know your needs
No surprises – prices and payment agreed in advance
Totally confidential service
We care about your business
Like to know more? Then call us today on 01449 770965 or use this contact form:

65 Poplar Hill, Stowmarket, IP14 2AX.

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